Soci Spot Review- Does It Really Even Work?

Soci Spot Review

You have been using various social media platforms to market your brand, but clients don’t seem as enthusiastic about your products as you would like them to be. And if they are, well, they are not calling you, texting, emailing and so on with the urgency that you feel you deserve. You are, after all, offering some of the best services around! Stress no more, for Socispot might just be the solution you have been searching for.

Facebook (FB) marketing, as you may have learned, is certainly not for the faint of heart. Especially not when FB is making a hobby of creating hurdles that cost a pretty penny to overcome. Social media platforms are all in all quite the difficult waters to navigate in as far as marketing is concerned as compared to branded websites and purpose-built lead generators. Fortunately, that no longer need be the case.

Socispot is a new online software service that employs interactive image hotspot technology to embed various functionalities in images that can be posted on diverse social media platforms. Touted as the first-ever interactive Facebook Timeline and Facebook newsfeed ad software ever, Socispot is no doubt an invaluable tool for marketers interested in minting cash from visitors to their social media platforms. Just what is in for you when you decide to use this software?

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Socispot Pros

There are a whole lot of advantages in store for you once you start using Socispot over your competition. The very fact that you can immediately turn your Facebook Timeline and Newsfeed, not to mention any ads that you post, interactive, should in itself be a primary reason for investing in this software. Second, it is quite easy to use this software. All you need to do is select the image(s) you want to run your ad campaign on, select some interactive hotspots and add them there, then publish the masterpiece online.

Given that most businesses are running advertising campaigns comprising boring static adverts, the exception to the rule is certainly going to catch the consumer’s eye. And since people are drawn to extraordinary things, you can count on interactive adverts to be the next best thing in social media advertising.

• Social media hotspots:

Facebook has over 1.2 billion active users. With such a ripe market, it is no wonder that any business worth its salt operates a Facebook page at the very least. Facebook offers a platform for generating profitable buyer traffic considerably fast at any given day.

One of the proven ways of going about this is through the use of visual content. This is where the Socispot hotspots come in. While you have been using your Facebook Newsfeed and Timeline to post interesting images, you can now have your visitors not only check them out but also actively interact with them. By merely hovering over whatever hotspot you have created in your images, they get access to social media buttons such as Twitter and Instagram. This effectively eases the process of getting new followers in these sites.

• Video and Skype hotspots

With Socispot, it is now possible to embed videos in your images. If there were any method of increasing conversion rates on your web page, this is it. In addition to playing a video within images posted on say your Facebook Timeline, you can also have potential clients reach you via Skype when they hover over the Skype hotspot immediately they see a particularly charming work of art posted on your page.

• Tap-to-Call and Call-to-action hotspots

It is no secret that most people today access the internet on the go through their mobile phones. Visionary marketers will, therefore, be able to exploit the tap-to-call hotspot availed by Socispot to ensure that possible clients do not have to undergo the inconvenience of having to jot down phone numbers when better alternatives exist.

The tap-to-call hotspot provides that any interested party can directly call you by merely tapping on the call hotspot that is so conveniently placed within an image. Your clients have gone to the trouble of seeking you out online. It is only fair – and wise too – to make sure they can reach you as conveniently and as hassle-free as possible.

While ensuring that you do not give your website traffic reasons to postpone getting in touch, you can also have them follow your instructions, literally! Use the Call-to-action hotspot to promote your products or services by posting affiliate links right here. You can also place URL links to any web page that you would want your visitors to check out.

• Autoresponder integration

You may have thought that you needed to expend some considerable resources creating an inviting enough squeeze page to land more clients. If names and email addresses are what you need to add to your subscriber lists, however, Socispot has got you covered. Even better, this software is not limited to these two options alone.

By merely entering details required of them right after hovering over an opt-in form hotspot on an image, potential clients can add themselves to your mailing list. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!


Given that Socispot allows you the flexibility to drag and drop hotspots wherever you want, you can indulge your creative juices by placing various hotspots in ingenious locations poised to arouse maximum interest in your targeted audience.


And if you are wondering whether images used by the software are desktop version only, you can rest assured that this is not the case. Images are optimized for mobile phones, basically ensuring that the vast market that comprises smartphone users is not left out.

Soci Spot Cons

To be honest, there were not many cons to this software. The only one I can think of is people have to click the play button for the image to show the interactive hotspots, but that really is not a deal breaker. I hope you enjoyed my soci spot review.

Get this software today and watch as your Facebook marketing strategy receive such a signifcant boost in results!


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