Detailed Notes on Becoming A Beacbody Coach

Detailed Notes on Becoming A Beacbody CoachJoining And Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach member provides people an opportunity to unite with a team of driven people that are committed to helping people get better their personal health/ fitness goals and are interested in building a profitable business for their selves simultaneously. Team Beachbody Coach member income is mainly made up from sales of Team Beachbody products and or services such as P90x and Shakeology just to name a few.


Outside Of what you may have heard in some random company review. Beachbody Coaching is nothing close to a pyramid scheme.


The Beachbody Company popped up in 1998 and is still recognized as the leading providers in nutritional and weight loss programs promising to deliver excellent results over and over again. The company is composed of of approximately eight hundred employees, an estimated 350K Independent


Team Beachbody coaches aren’t usually obligated to purchase Team Beachbody services in order be a Beachbody Coach or make money from sales, however there are associated get started fees that you need to be aware of.


How Much It Cost To Be A Coach?


When you first sign up as a coach you are provided with two options to get started. You can either

    • Buy a New Coach Business Starter Kit or
    • Purchase a Challenge Pack 

The New Coach Business Starter Kit is approximately $40 and includes all the resources  needed to assist you to start earning residual income with Team Beachbody.


To get more information on being a Independent Beachbody Coach. Visit or check out


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